Sacred Geometry - The Flower of Life


Nature's First Pattern

A recurring theme of Light and Consciousness

7 + 6 + 6 or 19 inter-woven and over-lapping spheres



From the Seed comes the Flower & Fruit 








Two representations of the Flower of Life in 3-D






The Seed of Life and The Fruit of Life


The Seed of Life

The 7 inner bold black circles/spheres show a flat representation of the Seed of Life - 7 spheres


The Fruit of Life

The Seed of Life and 6 spheres adjacent to the Seed of Life - shown here in 2-D   i.e.  giving 6 + 7 spheres



The Fruit of Life is the blue-print of the Universe


it contains every atom, molecular structure, life form and eventually everything in existence.

All things existing are formed ultimately from the 7 fold structure of the Seed of Life.


Draw a line from any centre of the Fruit of Life to all other centres to get

Metatron's Cube



The five Platonic solids arise from Metatron's Cube



                        The Cube                             The Tetrahedron                    The Octahedron                           The Icosahedron                  Dodecahedron




The Fruit of Life and the 3-D forms within it repeat as patterns within patterns

The Universe began with the Big Shine - the rays radiated out and the points circled each other

Within and from the spheres (circles in 3-D) other 3-D forms manifested

 as "atoms" then as elements, compounds, molecules, cells, tissues, organs, and Life


   Platonic Solids


Human consciousness spirals into our perception as cones of Light

Thoughts are energy-matter forms






The Universe is a perpetual rhythmic motion or dance of sound, light, and colour
that creates endless grids in which we consciously experience.
It's all a virtual experience laced with myth, math and metaphors.
Pay attention. Consciousness is about to evolve in the alchemy of time

Source:   Sacred Geometry - Crystalinks



We can either transform our Planet into a higher consciousness or disappear


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