Voices of the First Day, Awakening the Aboriginal Dreamtime

by Robert Lawlor

Inner Traditions International, 1991  ISBN 0-89281-355-3

Australian aboriginal people have lived in harmony with the earth for perhaps as long as 100,000 years; in their words, since the First Day. In this absorbing work, Lawlor explores the essence of their culture as a source of and guide to transforming our own world view. While not romanticizing the past or suggesting a return to the life of the hunter/gatherer, Voices of the First Day enables us to enter into the mentality of the oldest continuous culture on earth and gain insight into our own relationship with the earth and to each other.

This book offers an opportunity to suspend our values, prejudices, and Eurocentrism and step into the Dreaming to discover:

A people who rejected agriculture, architecture, writing, clothing, and the subjugation of animals

A lifestyle of hunting and gathering that provided abundant food of unsurpassed nutritional value

Initiatic and ritual practices that hold the origins of all esoteric, yogic, magical, and shamanistic traditions

A sexual and emotional life that afforded diversity and fluidity as well as marital and social stability

A people who valued kinship, community, and the law of the Dreamtime as their greatest "possessions"

Language whose richness of structure and vocabulary reveals new worlds of perception and comprehension

A people balanced between the Dreaming and the perceivable world, in harmony with all species and living each day as the First Day.

Voices of the First Day is illustrated throughout with more than 100 extraordinary photographs, bark paintings, line drawings and engravings. Many of these photographs are among the earliest ever made of the Aboriginal people and are shown here for the first time.
Paperback, 432 pages




We, the Aborigines

by  Douglas Lockwood

Cassell Australia, 1963.  ASIN: B0000CMCGA

Facets of Aboriginal lives in separate stories; Men and women from many tribes; Stories in Authors words

WARNING:  Contains photographs & names of each person that is narrated, may distress indigenous people

HERE  to see Table of Contents ( people in the book )

The Author says this about his book:

"I have tried in this book to show the Australian Aborigines as human beings rather than scientific phenomena, as people rather than things. I have attempted to tell at least one facet of their lives in each story in the hope that, taken as a whole, a fairly comprehehnsive picture will emerge. 

I talked personally with most of the men and women whose photographs are reproduced.  But where direct speech is attibtued to any of them, it is mine and not theirs.

The word 'blackfeller' is not used in any derogatory sense.  They use it constantly themselves."

Hardcover 259 pages

A note from the web author:  this book was published in the year that I was born.  I bought a hardcopy book in 2014 from the City State Library, it was a "discard" book and cost $6.00  Details of my Book can be found at the Amazon site below.


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