How good is YOUR Hearing & The Proverbial Question- does a Tree make a Sound when it falls & no other living being is around?

I think that a falling tree does make a sound if "sound" is defined as a pressure wave due to the vibration of particles of the tree bits falling through the air. It still makes a sound whether or not an animal is around to hear it or not.

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In the Beginning was ......  SOUND  or  LIGHT  ??


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Well, I think that in the beginning there was the Void, which is un-known but is some sort of consciousness or awareness that contains all possibilities.  I also think that from the Void first came SOUND followed by LIGHT, and that the Void itself could actually be pure cosmic Sound.

Sound is a form of energy.   Energy is the ability to move something over a distance against a force.   Molecules vibrate back and forth at fairly high rates of speed, creating waves, so energy moves from place to place by longitudinal waves.  Sound vibrations cause your eardrums to vibrate and generate what we call sound.

Sound is a mechanical pressure wave that results from the back and forth vibration of the particles of the medium (for example, air)  through which the sound wave is moving.

The accidental discovery of the CMB or Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation occurred because of the sound that was picked up.  One theory is that with the Big Bang, which I call the Big Shine, this CMB appeared.  So CMB was before Gamma Rays and in my opinion before the CMB the Void was of particulate nature which oscillated or vibrated extremely ( times that by a billion ) fast, and particles that vibrate back and forth (or wobble if you like) generate sound.

In my opinion, sound can be defined as above, as something that animals hear, BUT is also defined scientifically as a pressure wave, also above.  In the purist viewpoint, "God" or the Cosmic Beginning or the Void was and always is sound.

Professor Brian Cox has said that the Big Bang emanated plasma, which is a high frequency sort of "soup" of sub-atomic particles  called quarks and gluons.  See  THIS  post for information about "quarks and gluons".

From these sub-atomic particles, as the Cosmos or Universe cooled down, simple elements such as hydrogen formed, and fused with various elements to create other elements.  Nuclear reactions produced light photons, and so there was light, as the article below shows.

According to many, including the Bible writer, God said "Let there be Light", and this implies Sound.   Other web pages that may be of interest, are below.